For over a decade, we have partnered with hospitals, physicians, and you to provide the best care for your community.


We specialize in CPAP therapy and supplies, while offering a full range of home health products and sports medicine bracing.

Respiratory Care

CPAP and BiPAP units and supplies, Oxygen Concentrators, and Nebulizers

Orthopedic Bracing

Wrist, knee, ankle, back, etc., Medial/Lateral Off-loaders for Osteoarthritis of the knee, CPM (continuous passive motion device) for knee, Pre-Operative/Post-Operative Bracing

Pre-Natal/Infant Care

Belly Bands, Compression Stockings, Bili Blanket, Breast Pumps

Prodigy Medical has been serving your community statewide by providing medical and home health equipment for over a decade.

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